Which Notion Templates Should Not Use Notion Widgets?

Notion widgets should not be used in every template because they can react negatively. Sales of your Notion templates may decrease. Find out which templates they shouldn’t be used on.

I’ve made and sold Notion templates and made hundreds of Dollars. I knew I could do more, but some templates sold a lot and some didn’t sell at all. When I analyzed them, I saw a connection with the widgets I used, and I brainstormed about why sales increased when I didn’t use widgets in some of them.

In this article, you will learn about insights from experiments with the use of Notion widgets.

Do Not Use Notion Widgets for These Template Uses!

1. The Target Audience May Not Be Suitable for Notion Widgets!

The audience you target in the Notion template you produce can be wrong. This can also affect your sales. You should design a template by considering many factors such as the demographics of your target audience. Create a persona and think through it.

For example, internet access is not strong everywhere in the world. In some countries, even the Notion database opens late. You may have targeted this audience without realizing it. Your brand may be badly affected because your template slows down.

“Your templates are loading late!”

they can say.

You can find countries with slow internet on the internet. Producing a Notion template in that language can trigger such a problem. I’m not saying it will be 100%, but you should know such a possibility. There is no harm in knowing.

If mobile usage is high in your persona, their usage may decrease due to incorrect positioning of the widget. I will talk about this tomorrow. Some widgets may look bad on mobile. The biggest factor in this is testing. When you don’t test everywhere, problems may arise. This can also shake your brand image.

Another example is if your target audience is over 50 years old, you should capitalize the text in your template. You should also change the widgets to a large size in the same way. Otherwise, usage decreases.

Let’s create a scenario. You have made a template showing the times to take medication and added a Notion quotes widget. However, the text is so small that your target audience cannot read it. Or you are using the Notion counter widget, but the buttons are very small, and again your target audience has difficulty clicking the button.

Even when you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, you can discover many problems and find solutions. In the above scenario, you will either solve it without using widgets or you need to be able to build detailed editing on the widget. There is no other way!

2. Users Who are Unfamiliar with Technology (Notion Widgets)

One of the points where you should not use Notion widgets is the audience that does not know about Notion widgets. New widgets may be unfamiliar to people using existing Notion features. If you do not teach the use of widgets, they may become alienated.

It should be very, very easy with a learning curve. Because you are a Notion template maker and details are important to you, your customer does not need to think too much about the details. Because his job is not to think too detailed. Because you are making a productivity product. You should make your customer’s job easier. Tiring him is a bad use.

3. May Not Use Notion Widgets in Little Used Notion Templates

It may make sense to add a notion widget for long usage times to create a Notion Second Brain template. However, it may be illogical to use widgets in situations that require very fast use. Let’s immediately create a new scenario in our minds.

If you are creating a Notion template that only needs to add a check, it may be illogical to use large Notion widgets. It will open the template, put a check in 1 second, and close the template.

For example, using a Notion image carousel widget may be pointless. Because every time the Notion page is opened, the loading of extra images will be added to the waiting time. This can give you a bad image, especially if you have used large images.

Of course, some widgets are not interacted with. These can be opened faster. For example Notion divider widget. It opens faster than the image carousel and does not wait at all. This waiting feature is not only realized in Notion widgets. Notion can deliberately open slowly in its structure because it first powers the Notion databases. Then it can give power to the embedded.

This is how I observe it. The Notion can then increase this embed speed.

Build your first widget today!

4. Do Not Use If Solved Without Notion Widgets

For people who are used to the Notion ecosystem, creating a template without thinking about habits can be harmful again. Let’s create a new scenario.

You created a Notion second brain template. Adding things that can be done with Notion to the audience that will constantly use this product may result in not using that widget and in some cases the template. Notion Calendar widget, released in the last weeks, is an example of this.

Using the Notion Google Calendar widget has become meaningless. Because Notion has solved this at the root. Your existing users will of course use it because their habits will provide it. But after a while, the use of that widget will gradually decrease because people will get used to using Notion Calendar. The Google Calendar widget will not make much sense.

❤ Happy Ending

As you can see, producing without thinking can have consequences you never thought of. I always say:

“Doing random work brings random results.”


See you in the next article. Have a great earnings! 🙋‍♂️

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