How to Create a Notion Text Widget? (Notion Widgets)

Add an extra 1500 different fonts to your Notion templates with Notion widgets, more precisely with the NotionPlus widget! Make many changes like color or angle! Here is the Notion text widget!

What is the Notion Text Widget?

It is extra text that you can add to Notion. But beyond the text, you can change the font, angle, color, background color. This makes unlimited combinations.

Notion Text Widget Codes

There are some shortcodes for NotionPlus. With these codes, you can unlock many features.

Like text widget for website. Such as,

  1. Notion digital clock widget.
  2. Notion date widget.
  3. Classic markdown codes. You add a link to the text and direct it to the form, it works like a text us widget.
  4. Background color.
  5. Notion quote widget.
    and brand new features to be added over time!

Notion Text Widget Case Studies

  1. You can make big headings.
  2. You can enrich your design by using interesting symbols to the right or left of the headings with NotionPlus Unicodes.
  3. You can write vertical text.
  4. You can write diagonal text.
  5. You can create floating posts.
  6. You can add announcements to floating posts.
  7. You can add ads to floating posts. You can have ad space in Notion templates!
  8. You can add a time or date.
  9. You can add any color to the posts that are not in Notion. For example pastel colors.
  10. You can also use pastel colors in the background!
    And you have access to so much more!

The only obstacle in NotionPlus is your imagination! You can do almost anything! Start using the tool with unlimited combinations today!


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