How to Create a Notion Divider Widget? (Notion Widgets)

How do you add divider widgets of different designs to Notion templates? Notion how to add vertical divider? Notion widgets!

Although we currently have limited divider designs, brand-new divider designs will be added in the coming days.

With this divider widget in Notion widgets, you can change the colors of your Notion divider. You can choose from all the colors in the world. You are completely free! (Colored dividers Notion)

Notion How to Add Vertical Divider?

You can also make a Notion vertical divider widget for the Notion divider widget. Go to the “Advanced” settings and change the angle to 90 degrees. As you noticed, there is an angle that doesn’t necessarily have to be 90 degrees. You can use all other angles in your designs!

Notion Divider Case Studies

  1. Imagine you are dividing the page into 2 columns. But you may want to add a vertical divider between these 2 columns.
  2. You can create dysfunctional designs if it is a different example of a vertical divider Notion. When you put it between 2 columns, it can have a function to separate. But you can get a different look by creating 4 columns and adding vertical dividers on the left and right sides.
  3. Maybe you want to draw a simple line. Great because you can do that. You can also change the color of the divider. Which you know better than me.
  4. You can embed it vertically or you can embed it at a 45-degree angle. In the same way, a 5-degree angle will work for you. 5 and -5 degrees. This way you can get a zigzag design!

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