How to Create a Notion Icon Widget? (Notion Widgets)

Some Notion icons are missing in Notion templates. But with Notion widgets they are possible! You can link to the Notion icon.

Such as you want to add your Facebook profile link to the Notion template. Great! But there is a problem. When you type Facebook, the aesthetics don’t look like Notion templates. It seems a bit rough.

If the Facebook icon could be added then it would look more attractive.

The writing was discovered in 3200 BC. But humanity has existed for 300,000 years. I mean, we are a creature more inclined to visuals. That’s why icons are perceived faster than written expressions.

There is a great war of perception in the world right now. Netflix, Instagram, or TikTok. They all need one thing. To give our perception, our attention, to their platform.

But don’t just think digital. On the contrary, everyone from a fitness center to a butcher shop is seriously trying to keep your attention on their business.

So who wins?

Of course, those who invest in visuals win more than others. There is even a saying “Don’t tell, show”.

Therefore, you can reach more usage by creating a more understandable Notion template. Attention will be at a higher level.

Notion Icon Widget Case Studies (Notion Widgets)

Free Notion icons are among them. You can choose from thousands of free icons and link to each Notion icon. Such as you have selected the Notion calendar icon. Normally you cannot add a link to that icon. But with you can add a link. When you click on it, you can redirect it to tools like Google Calendar etc.

You can also create black and white Notion icons. Just go and change the colors. To make icons for Notion aesthetic you should use a light color. It can be pastel colors. Aesthetic Notion icons are just the beginning. You can create many aesthetic Notion templates with many icons from many Notion icons. Just one piece of Notionicons. That’s all there is to it.

Create and use these icons with now!

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