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Best Notion Widgets

for Notion Templates

⚡ Power up your Notion pages with
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Image Carousel Widget

You can create an image carousel with different themes.

Quotes Widget

You can make your own quotes with the text widget.

Countdown Widget

You can countdown with text widget.

Digital Clock Widget

You can make your own digital clock with different designs in all kinds of fonts.

Clickable Image Widget

You can make the images clickable by adding links to them.

Button Widget

You can design vertical and horizontal type buttons.

Text Widget

Have many features such as big texts, angles, 1500 fonts, etc.

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How do you explain NotionPlus
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A tool that enables the niche audience using a tool to use that tool +1 more advanced.
It adds extra features that are not available in the current tool.


NotionPlus is an innovative widget tool that makes docs richer. Enhance user experience with advanced widgets and tons of powerful features for free.

Notion Quotes Widget
Notion Marquee Widget
Notion Countdown Widget
Notion Carousel Widget
Notion Clickable Image Widget
Notion Digital Clock Widget
Notion Text Widget
Notion Button Widget
Notion Divider Widget
Notion Announcement Widget
Notion Testimonial Widget
Notion Change Log Widget
Notion Icon Widget
Notion Date Widget
1500 Different Font
All Colors
More Big Texts
Notion Banner
Notion Analytics

NotionPlus is a tool like Lego, Play-Doh, Minecraft, or Photoshop. If you are creative enough, you can do anything!

- Ugur KILCI
Founder of NotionPlus

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You are free to choose the widget you want!

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