How to Create Notion Quotes Widget?

Are you ready to learn how to build Notion templates more glorious by creating a Notion quotes widget? πŸ€”

What is Notion Quotes Widget?

This widget was created to display random quotes on Notion. You can write these quotes yourself. If you want, write dozens or hundreds of quotes into a widget. And every time the page is refreshed, display a random one on the page.

Notion Quotes Widget Case Studies

One of the members using NotionPlus says he uses this quote widget for Bible verses. It is also used for motivational quotes. But don’t limit yourself to this! You can create a gratitude list and see it constantly in your Notion planners to live a happier life.

Within the quotes, you can add small notes for sports and health. Such as, you made motivational quotes. Since each sentence will be randomized, you can add a few phrases like “breathe deeply”, “do stretching”, “take a break for 5 minutes”, “compliment someone”, “help someone”, etc. to improve your quality of life. 😏

With the NotionPlus quotes widget, you can get interesting work by using extra NotionPlus markdowns in each sentence. Such as “It’s (hour):(minute). Now it’s time to rest.” It automatically prints the current hour and minute where it says (hour):(minute). This is just a simple example. πŸ˜‰

How to Create Notion Quotes Widget?

  1. Sign up and sign in to NotionPlus.
  2. Go to the dashboard.
  3. Click on “Add Widget“.
  4. Click on “Quote Widget“.
  5. Write your quotes line by line where it says “One Sentence”, “Two Sentence” etc.
  6. If you want, you can change the design of the quote as in the video.

The Only Limit is Your Creativity!

You can make many different combinations. 🀨 You can change the background color for each excerpt if you want. 🀯 Or you can use other markdown codes for each excerpt. When you think about all this, you feel the limitlessness. 😌

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