New Feature: Notion Visitor Counter Widget

You can print the number of times a widget is displayed on the screen. You can use this as a visitor counter. For example “How many people have viewed this template?“.


How to Use It?

  1. Go to NotionPlus in the dashboard.
  2. Click Add Widget.
  3. Select Text Widget.
  4. Type the following NotionPlus shortcodes in the Text field.

For Total Use:

(visitor counter total)

As soon as you use it, it prints only the total views on the screen. You can combine this with different text widget codes and use it in different combinations.

For Yearly Use:

(visitor counter yearly)

Shows only the views for 1 year. Reset after 1 year!

For Monthly Use:

(visitor counter monthly)

Shows only the views for 1 week. Reset after 1 week!

For Weekly Use:

(visitor counter weekly)

Shows only the views for 1 year. Reset after 1 year!

For Daily Use:

(visitor counter daily)

Shows only the views for 1 day. Reset after 1 day!

Inspire (What can be done with this feature?)

  1. Show your customer how many times clicked on your template. Let him feel the impact!
  2. Use NotionPlus in Quotes! You can use it in a sentence in every randomly appearing quote! For example, “12 people have seen this page today! You’re here too. Your goal is to win! Take action!
  3. With NotionPlus Background you can create a different counter widget by changing the background color and fonts.
  4. More depends on your imagination!

Visitor Counter: Happy Ending

New features will be added every week! This is just the tip of the iceberg. See you!

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