NotionPlus 2024 Vision

NotionPlus is a long-standing product. Even the domain has been extended until 2027! We’ve passed 2000+ members. Now I have made a plan for 2024 to move to a better version.

1) Improving Existing Features

I know that many existing features are still missing. For example, we still cannot upload again while editing the image carousel. Likewise, we cannot change the order of the images. These will be fixed this year.

One of these details is that the “innovations” notification added to the panel is always red. This is the first point to be fixed. When innovations arrive, they will be red. If you see it, it will be grey again. I care about such a fine detail.

2) New Widgets are Coming!

People are suggesting widgets with feedback. I follow social media and the internet. Some highly requested widgets will come. These are

  • Calendar
  • Progress bar
  • Counter
  • Lifebar
  • Analog clock
  • Habit tracking

widgets such as.

3) Innovations

People who know me know how creative and innovative I am. You will know too. 😈

I will develop new technologies that no one has seen before and no one has done before. This supports the NotionPlus mission.

The Plus suffix in NotionPlus means extra and more.

For those who want to do more than the existing order! For those who are outliers and feel innovation in their veins! For those who always have their eyes on the clouds and are crazy enough to build a pair of wings for themselves to fly!

+1 for those who are more! NotionPlus will come in 2024 with lots of innovations and improvements!

4) Weekly Enhancements

I’ll try to do the above three things every week. Every week!

I can vouch for this with my ProductHunt streak. I have 317 streaks on ProductHunt. In other words, I have logged in to ProductHunt for 317 days straight!

But this is not enough. To give more assurance, I have been posting on my personal Instagram/YouTube accounts for 69 days now (for the audience in Turkey)! And I will try to do this for all the days of 2024!

I have been producing content on my YouTube channel since 2015! I have more than 700 thousand views.

I started NotionPlus in 2023 and first released the Classic version and made $600 in sales! Then I started working on this version. 1 year has passed and I say it will continue for 1 more year.

I also share 1 Notion template idea every day on Twitter!

I like discipline. I keep my promises, I put a lot of effort into it. Although I have distractions like ADHD, I try to maintain it with discipline.

I will share all these enhancements in the newsletter every week!

For suggestions and complaints, you can fill out the form!

Founder of NotionPlus

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