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What is Component?

This is a Notion template but it is available as components inside. In other words, for the template you want to make, you need to combine the components piece by piece. So like Lego.

E.g. navbar, hero, content, pricing and footer are needed to create a landing page. I created these components so that you do not create them one by one. Say hello to NotionPlus Classic. :)

For Whom?

For Those Who Make Notion Templates

Since everything is ready, new templates can be created quickly and easily. It will improve over time. 1 year plan was made for this!

Notion Templates
Standard Notion Users

For Standard Notion Users

You are already using Notion but if you are not good at design, you can use it.

For Info Product Producers

Today, many info products are made with Notion. And the design of a product increases its value.

Info Products
Notion Website Builder

For Those Who Will Make a Website with Notion

A lot can be done with Notion and the website is one of them. You can buy it and use it right away.

Where to Use?,,

You can use many tools to make a website with Notion. You can create web designs for these tools from hundreds of components. These can be landing pages, e-commerce sites, or dashboards.,,
Notion Template

Notion Templates

Although it says that it can be created within the website, in fact, each of the created things is a template. This means creating Notion templates. If you're already a Notion template maker, it's time to eat the mushroom and grow. Let's save the princess. :)

Why Should I Use It?

There are 3 main reasons why you should use NotionPlus.


It is quite simple to use. You can use it in just a few clicks. I can even prove it. You can watch this video.


Just a few clicks mean speed. We have prepared it for you. You will not need to make any extra effort. Quickie!


It will continue to grow. New components will be added over time. A 1-year business plan has been prepared.

What's The Advantage?

Notion templates or info products have a fixed time frame. So no update. This may be due to the structure of the Notion because when a duplicate is made in Notion, the updates of new additions will not be updated on your page.

But NotionPlus will notify you by email as new components are created. You will also be able to be informed about innovations.

Case Studies


  • Access to all
    Notion components
  • Access to newly
    Notion components
  • Premium Support
  • Can be used
    in multiple projects
  • Permission to sell
    created templates
Only for a short time...

$29 $79

/once paid

Buy Now!

“Access components that can work on all platforms where you can make a website with Notion! I literally suffered until I made this product. I even had to postpone the release day a few times for it to be of good quality. But in the end, I finished and earned $321. $600 is my goal. I really want to achieve this.”


Founder, NotionPlus

Create Awesome Notion Templates

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